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Eagle Full System with Twin Towers

Eagle Full System with Twin Towers

Eagle is the world’s most productive flat-stock fiber laser. It is the fastest growing fiber laser in Europe, and has officially come to the US in 2018. Here are some highlights.

  • POWER: From 2 to 15kW. Eagle’s 15kW is twice the power of most fiber lasers, and enables cutting of well over 2 inches in any metal. It also provides extremely fast cutting on sheet metal 5mm and thicker.
  • SPEED: 13,780 ipm top speed greatly reduces the time moving between cut paths. Linear motors on all axes, advanced optical non-contact encoder, and carbon fiber bridge provide speed and precision.
  • ACCELERATION: Eagle provides 6g acceleration, twice that of other fiber lasers. Combining power and acceleration delivers greater part production and lower cost than any other fiber laser.
  • PALLET CHANGING: Eagle fiber lasers are equipped standard with a built in conveyor and pallet changer. A machine that cuts this fast should not be waiting to be fed. The 9 second servo-driven pallet changer saves up to 50 seconds per pallet change versus hydraulic systems.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT: Eagle’s 4-Point Support Program ensures you can purchase with confidence, start full production quickly, run at peak performance and market your laser effectively.
Let us provide you with product details, time studies, and test samples. We will prove this machine to be the best available today.